Since we operate from a warehouse were we can stock over 100.000 pallets, we are very quick and flexibel in placing stock.

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Ludoma Services understands the amount of time and people Customer Service takes, that’s why the trained people of Ludoma are capable of doing this job for you!

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Air, Land, Sea

With every freight we check what the best, fastest and cheapest way is to ship your goods.

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& Customs

The financial part of all transactions and even the customs part can be taken care of. With more than 20 years of experience Ludoma is the perfect partner.

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Ludoma Services

our services

We arrange everything from warehousing to logistics. We even do administration so you can fully focus on your business!


We know what specific requirements are needed to do business in Europe. Therefor Ludoma Services can take care of your administration this because we know the European market the best.

Companies are obliged to register all statistics and numbers when doing business in Europe at CBS. Ludoma has a lot of experience in providing these details. We can arrange this on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about this. As a warehousing company we are obliged to keep the administration for 7 years. Because of this we can provide detailed statistics over a long period of time.

Another requirement is that the original certificates of products need to be legalised before they can be shipped to another country. Ludoma services has close contact with the Chamber of Commerce and Customs to quickly legalise these documents.

Ludoma Services has the knowlegde to take care of a great deal of the administration in Europe for your company.

Customer Service

We can provide support with the invoicing of outgoing shipments and arranging for payments of these shipments by your distributors. Furthermore we can run a bank account on your behalf, thus limiting the charges of receiving all individual payments directly on your bank account.

Ludoma Services is also capable of setting up a customer service department, which takes care of the following issues:

  • Incoming Phonecalls
  • Return of Goods
  • Technical Facility
  • Invoicing clients

Whether you require distribution or fulfillment, defined freight forwarding, or a complete supply chain solution, Ludoma Services can provide you with a customized solution tailored to your needs.

Customer Service
Ocean Freight
Road Freight
Air Freight


With logistics it’s all about time and money. Ludoma is specialised in taking care of your goods not only for storage, but also with distribution. Per customer we have a warehouse of 5.000 – 50.000 square meters and we have room for 10 to 10.000 pallets per customer.

Ludoma Services also handles all extra requirements regarding packaging, modifications and repairing. Breaking down of incoming shipments upon arrival and arranging for onward transportation according to your instructions.

Here at Ludoma Services we provide a unique services we can also help with the administration and we have a licence that enables us to do in-house handling of all custom transactions. Ludoma is one of the few companies who has such a licence in Holland.

We provide the most complete solution in distribution to the European Common Market.

Ludoma Services

Company timeline


Founding of Ludoma by Marc Engel


Upgrading warehouse to 1.000 pallets


Upgrading warehouse to 3.000 pallets


Adding a Technical Service to the services of Ludoma


Expanding the Custom License to Entrepot-C


Upgrading warehouse to 10.000 pallets

Ludoma Services

what people say about us


Busy schedules was one of the main reasons that we wanted to outsource our logistics business after 20 years of distribution experience. After a thorough assessment years ago, we started working together with the “small” family business Ludoma. Short lines of communication and a “yes we can” mentality ensure that we can support our international partners in the right way.

Customs facilities, repair services to online stock monitoring every day Ludoma makes sure that our team can focus on the relationship with the customer without having to worry about the logistics process.


Ludoma Services is a reliable partner with a friendly team of professionals in the field of warehousing and transport.

CEO, Smart Audio, NL
Ludoma Services

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