Air Transport

Air Transport

We provide Air Transport to make sure your products are shipped in a fast and quick way. We have two of the largest international airports at close proximity knowing:

– Schiphol, the Netherlands

– Zaventem, Belgium

Ludoma Services has several carriers which provide air transport. We will check in each individual case which carrier is most suitable looking at fastest delivery and low costs.

Because Ludoma Services is situated in the Netherlands we are the ideal choice for a European warehouse. In Europe one of the most used ways of transport is road transport, Ludoma Services helps you in arranging this form of transport as well.

Altogether, Ludoma Services B.V. offers you an office away from home at a cost that is tied to the actual sales you generate on the foreign markets. Your cost can therefore be calculated as a percentage of the product price and you have the certainty you will never be over budget.

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